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Where 2020 Democrats stand on criminal justice

How candidate positions were compiled

The Washington Post sent a detailed questionnaire to every Democratic presidential campaign asking whether it supports various changes to U.S. criminal justice policy. Candidates with similar stances were organized into groups using a combination of those answers, legislative records, action taken in an executive role, and other public comments, such as policy discussion on campaign websites, social media posts, interviews, town hall meetings and other news reports and surveys. See something we missed? Let us know.

We expect candidates to develop more detailed policy positions throughout the campaign, and this page will update as we learn more about their plans. We also will note if candidates change their position on an issue.

At initial publication, this page included major candidates who had announced a run for president before November and excluded any who had left the race. Former Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick announced a run just before publication. The Post is working to obtain his answers to these questions.

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