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What the Jan. 6 committee subpoenas targeting the day’s rallies do not include

In the days before Jan. 6, Alexander’s rally at the Capitol and the rally at the Ellipse were folded into one package, renamed the March to Save America. A rally was planned for the evening of Jan. 5 at which a number of fringier-right figures would speak. The morning of Jan. 6, there was the rally outside the White House and then, the one at the Capitol. The website for the March to Save America was updated to invite people to attend Trump’s speech and, then, “[a]t 1:00 PM, we protest at US Capitol.” WildProtest.com similarly promoted the three-part package. There was no march to the Capitol included in the permits granted by the Park Service, but the permit did note that “[s]ome participants may leave to attend rallies at the United States Capitol to hear the results of Congressional certification of the Electoral College count.”

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