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Live updates: Biden to focus on economic rebound as jobs report shows strong gains, unemployment rate edges down

Getting pranked by the first lady of the United States looks like it may become a common occurrence in the Biden administration.

On Thursday night, Jill Biden’s staff members, Secret Service agents and members of the press pool were eating dinner on a flight returning to the White House from Bakersfield, Calif., when a flight attendant with short black hair, wearing a mask, a black pantsuit and a name tag reading “Jasmine” began passing out Dove ice cream bars, according to the official pool report from the Daily Mail.

Jasmine didn’t speak, she just smiled and held out a tray with the bars on them for anyone to take. It was the middle of a roughly five-hour flight after a two-day trip. If people weren’t eating, they were checking their phones or sleeping. Then, five minutes later, Biden’s senior adviser, Anthony Bernal, and press secretary, Michael LaRosa, came into the media cabin laughing so hard they could hardly speak.

Right behind them was Biden, holding a black wig in her hand.

“April Fools!” she said.

It was a surefire chance for some good publicity, following a major Latino outreach effort for the first lady that was dominated by her mispronunciation of the last word in the rally cry, “Sí, se puede!” during her speech. It came out more like, “Sí, se pwodway!” or “Sí, se pad thai,” as one Twitter user suggested. Earlier in her speech, she had pronounced it correctly twice.

But an April Fools’ prank is certainly in character for this first lady.

On another trip to California during her first term as second lady, she was waiting on board Air Force Two for Joe Biden to arrive when she got on top of a table and hoisted herself into the overhead bin.

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