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Live updates: Biden to deliver foreign policy address; House to vote on Rep. Greene’s committee assignments

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Rep. Greene faces explusion from her committee assignments in House vote planned Thursday

By John Wagner and Mike DeBonis

The House plans to vote Thursday on a Democratic-led measure to expel Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) from her committee assignments in response to comments questioning the veracity of school shootings, encouraging political violence and promulgating anti-Semitic falsehoods.

Democrats are acting after House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) declined to take disciplinary action against Greene, a supporter of the QAnon extremist ideology. On Wednesday, McCarthy accused Democrats of pursuing a “partisan power grab” by seeking to control the minority party’s internal decision-making.

Inside a Republican caucus meeting Wednesday night, Greene rose to express contrition for some of her most outré comments made on social media — including questioning the 9/11 terrorist attacks and claiming that a space beam controlled by a Jewish cabal was responsible for a deadly wildfire, according to Republicans in the room.

She also apologized for putting her colleagues in a difficult spot — prompting a round of applause, participants in the meeting said.

While Greene expressed contrition in the private meeting, she has yet to publicly apologize but instead has signaled an aversion to recanting.

“I won’t back down. I’ll never apologize. And I’ll always keep fighting for the people,” she tweeted Saturday.

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