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Here is the latest baseless voter fraud allegation, brought to you by Trump and Tucker Carlson

The other new allegation Carlson covered was a report from the right-wing blog Federalist, claiming that 35,000 votes were cast illegally in the state. Trump hyped that report in a Fox News interview over the weekend, hailing it as “far more, numerous times more than we need to win that state.” But the allegation isn’t that someone did something like submit a ballot in the name of a dead person or anything like that. It’s that 35,000 people cast ballots from Georgia counties where they used to live instead of the ones where they currently lived. If true — again, this is unproven third-party analysis — it’s illegal in the sense that going 67 in a 65 is illegal, not in the sense that you’re driving a stolen car. Nor is it clear how those people voted. But it serves the broad, blended narrative of “Georgia allowed illegal ballots to be cast” that serves the broader “Trump wuz robbed” effort.

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