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Bernie Sanders greets his new front-runner status with one of his greatest hits: Praising Fidel Castro

But for most of those 42 years and the part of my career when I was in the military, he was fomenting revolution, he was fomenting insurgencies, he was trying to impose a system that was not a system of freedom, a system that would have been disastrous for many of the nations in the region. And we had to meet him, we had to respond to that. We did. He’s no longer the threat he was. But 12 years ago, he was a real threat trying to destabilize this region; trying to have countries overthrown in order to put them under totalitarian leadership. It’s the same guy he was in ’59, the same gentleman he was in 1988 and ’89. He’s the same gentlemen in the year 2002 except he no longer has a strong power supporting him, a strong power subsidizing him. But he hasn’t changed his views in any way.

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