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Approval of the Jan. 6 Capitol riot is more deeply embedded than you might think

Why? Clearly in part because so many sincerely believe the false claim that millions of illegal votes were cast in the last election. This assertion, promoted by Donald Trump even before the election itself, is now approaching something akin to a proven fact on the right, despite it being neither proved nor factual in any sense whatsoever. It was the primary motivation of those who sought to overrun the Capitol on Jan. 6, this idea that the election was stolen and they were pushing back on that usurpation of power. That’s why many see the riot as patriotic or a defense of freedom: if you sincerely believe the election was stolen, however incorrectly, why would you not approve of an effort to revert the results? And if you sincerely believe the election was stolen, why would you not see democracy as being imperiled.

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